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Interested in Becoming a Dayton Canoe Club Member ?

Any person wishing to become a member must complete and sign an application, furnished by the Club, accompanied with initiation fees and current calendar dues. Annual Dues are $165.00 and entitle members to full 24 hour access to the Clubhouse and Docks.

The application must be endorsed by three members in good standing and posted on the Club bulletin board for 10 days. At the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors the Board shall take the application into consideration. Persons elected to membership will then be notified by the Membership Committee.

If a person is interested in membership and is unfamiliar with the club or its members, one may visit the Club and participate in some of our activities. Many, but not all, activities are open to invited quests, please call or write for more information. 

Dayton Canoe Club
1020 Riverside Drive 
Dayton, OH  45405